Blog: The Consequences of Defiance.

What does Contempt of Court mean?

Anyone who is openly disobedient or discourteous or insults the dignity or authority of the court is said to be in “contempt of court.”

When a judge observes behavior that is considered detrimental to the court’s ability to administer justice, he or she typically has a good deal of discretion in deciding who will be punished and the type of contempt.

“Civil contempt” usually involves someone’s failure to comply with a court order, in which case the judge is likely to use sanctions that force the non-compliant party to fulfill the court order that had previously been ignored.

“Criminal contempt” charges are punitive, meaning that they are intended to prevent future acts of contempt.

Many judges will warn a misbehaving person that, if he or she keeps misbehaving, they will be held in contempt of court. The warning gives the person a chance to correct the behavior without facing legal sanctions. However, a judge may hold a person in contempt without an initial warning.

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