Workers’ Compensation

Injuries at the workplace, or injuries which occur away from the workplace, but while on company time, or while on the business of your employer.

Serving Clients throughout the Lehigh Valley and Beyond

The average worker spends 1/5 of their adult life at their workplace.  For this reason, if you get injured, there is a good chance that it will occur at work.  You may be entitled to have all of your medical bills paid, as well as other compensation, by your employer’s insurance.  This is true, even if your employer was not negligent in causing your injury. Based upon the law in Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation law exists to provide a safety net for employees, to assure that their medical bills are paid and that some recovery is available for workplace injuries.

Attorney Tom Aristide, Esq., who has become of counsel to The Margolis Law Firm, LLC, is a respected Workers’ Compensation attorney, who has over 30 years experience and whose practice focuses solely on aiding the injured worker.  By having attorney Aristide associated as of counsel to The Margolis Law Firm, LLC, we can now offer expanded  service to our clients.  At the same time, we can maintain our focus and expertise that you’ve come to know us for.

The Margolis Law Firm has always represented injured workers who have suffered severe burn injuries, broken bones, head injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, amputation, and other catastrophic injuries, when those were caused by the negligence of an entity other than your employer. Now, with the assistance of attorney Thomas D. Aristide, we can assure that out clients obtain assistance and compensation, even when there is no liable 3rd party.  If you have suffered an injury which would give rise to a Workers’ Compensation claim,  with the assistance of attorney Thomas D. Aristide, we will make sure your voice is heard.  Call us today for a free consultation.

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