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Defending the Rights of Victims of Child Abuse and Sexual Assault

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At The Margolis Law Firm, we represent adult and child sex crime victims as well as victims of child abuse. Steven J. Margolis, Esq. has the experience necessary, having been a criminal prosecutor for 13 years prior to turning his talents over to the civil side to aid victims and their families.  During his time as a prosecutor, Steven J. Margolis, Esq. convicted dozens of sexual/child predators who are serving lengthy prison sentences, or who have served such sentences and are now identified as registered sexual offenders.  Using this background and his passion for justice, Steven J. Margolis, Esq. works to ascertain if the offenders have any assets that can be recovered in a civil court, understanding full well that though the criminal prosecution may prevent future attacks, it will not compensate a victim for the years of psychological treatment that may be necessary for the vicious and violent assaults upon their person.


Truly, a child victim of abuse or a victim of sexual assault needs an advocate, someone to assure that their voice is heard.  At the Margolis Law Firm, we do just that; we make sure their voice is heard.  If you or someone you love has been a victim of assault or abuse, we have the knowledge and compassion to discuss your situation and give you legal guidance. 

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