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While all injuries cause harm to a person and his or her family, traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be one of the most insidious types of injuries.  While outwardly the victim may appear to be recovered, family members and the people who know him or her best may see serious, ongoing problems – things the victims themselves may not be aware of, such as personality changes, mood swings, and dangerous memory loss.  Additionally, spinal cord injuries have equally serious, but much more obvious consequences including paralysis, requiring lifelong, ongoing care.

At The Margolis Law Firm, Steven J. Margolis, Esq. has the knowledge and experience in personal injury law to pursue these claims and assure that compensation is made for the lifetime of care that will be necessitated by these serious injuries.

At The Margolis Law Firm, we help people who have suffered back and neck injuries, including ruptured or herniated disks, broken backs, spinal nerve injuries, and other injures to the neck and back.   We also aid clients and their families in the aftermath of brain injuries.

For these types of lifelong injuries, special care and attention is needed to assure that medical bills are covered for what may be a lifetime of care.  Further, should the victim be unable to work in the future, or even have reduced work life expectancy (they will not be able to work to their full retirement date) or be limited to light or sedentary jobs, compensation is required for the money that will no longer be coming into the home.  These are all considerations which we take into account when handling your claim.

Steven J. Margolis, Esq. will use his extensive skill, experience, and resources, including the retaining of life care planners and vocational experts, to determine the full value of your case and assure you and your family will have the financial ability to live your life as fully as possible despite any limitations from your injuries.

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